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MN LGBT Therapists Network News November 2011

20+ years of LGBT-friendly mental health networking
vol. IV, Issue 5  

LGBT Therapists

new website coming!

This month, we are launching a new, highly functional website for LGBT Therapists.  The membership management software will streamline our organization's administration. 

Note to current members:
Reminder to please complete your listing soon.  For a how-to and more details, check the last communication from us, or
email White Ash.

The Trauma of Discrimination:
Politics are Getting Personal

A workshop for LGBTQA mental health professionals

This workshop:

  • will address the psychological and somatic impact of trauma discrimination on our LGBT clients, LGBT therapists and allies
  • will identify therapeutic strategies and interventions to navigate the effects of social trauma

Friday, December 2, 2011

Registration: 8:30 a.m.

Presentation: 9 a.m. - Noon

Networking Lunch: 12- 1

St. Mary's University

Minneapolis, MN 55404


Margaret Charmoli, PhD, LP

Thea Lee, MA, LMFT (CA), SEP

For complete biographies go online to pride-institute.com and click on events.



$35 Base Registration 

$25 LGBT Network Member

$15 Student, Elder, Retired

$10 Lunch (optional; post-program)

Scholarship options may be available, call 612-267-9371



For information on registration, contact nsimon@pride-institute.com or call 612-267-9371.


Sponsored by: 

LGBT Therapists network,
PRIDE Institute and
St. Mary's University Program in Marriage and Family Therapy


Credits applied: PhD, LPC, LADC, LMFT, LICSW

Dates to Remember  

November 16th is the International Day of Tolerance. 

This day represents humanity to all. Hello, Everyone!


November 17th Is National Transgender Day of Remembrance. 

Worldwide it is reported that a member of the transgender community is tortured violated or murdered every day.

Featured Member 



1.)    What areas do you specialize in?

Individual, group, and couples therapy; cognitive behavior therapy; short-term therapy; problem-solving; online counseling; LGBT issues; SPMI; chronic illness and disability; grieving; relationship negotiation and contracts; sex offenders; kink aware and polyamory friendly; relaxation and body awareness. Experience in program development, volunteer training and supervision, community outreach, quality control, and others.

I will be starting part time private practice in the Cities. My initial marketing will be to the gay leather and pansexual kink communities, as I am very knowledgeable in that area. It may still be an underserved population.

2.) What drew you to the LGBTQ network?

I want to be very involved with the LGBT(QQIA) community again, in the Twin Cities. I'd like to know as many other therapists, as colleagues, resources, and friends. I plan to attend continuing education seminars and other events sponsored by the group. I very much value the sense of common identity and interests that these relationships provide. I was an early activist and community builder, so these roots run deep, and are an important part of who I am.

3.) Tell us a little more about yourself?

I was a co-founder of the Homophile Community Health Service in Boston, MA, in 1971-72. We were the first full time, multi-disciplinary, gay counseling service in the country. Seattle had a part time evening clinic, that beat us by a few months, though we did not know it at the time. Of course, there were individuals and organizations providing counseling before that.

I moved back to the Twin Cities, and was involved with many gay organizations and activities during the 1970's. Then of course in the 1980's, our community and personal lives were torn apart by the AIDS crisis. I participated in the first buddy training at MAP, but wasn't assigned an ongoing client. I moved out to Colorado in 1988, and the next year was hired by Boulder County AIDS Project, as Client Services Director. I was there for less than two very intense years. The organization went from a group of volunteers meeting in living rooms, to a fairly well structured and supported agency. I did a lot of program development, as well as being the only counselor/case manager on staff. Toward the end, I was going to quite a few funerals.

I have always worked with client groups whom others avoided: gay people when we were pariahs; low income welfare clients, PLWA's because it was mostly a gay STI, and a horrible terminal illness; people diagnosed with SPMI, including difficult personality disorders; sex offenders; and the alternative sexuality and kink communities. I've learned much, and grown personally, from knowing, valuing, and advocating for all of these clients.

4.) Provide info on your business, how do we refer to you, contact info, etc.

I'm currently unemployed and looking for work that makes use of my clinical, social work, and/or administrative skills. I am seeking part time office space for private practice. In the meantime, I am available for online counseling, and I am willing to see people in their homes, or in comfortable community spaces. For now, services will be on a sliding-scale, cash basis.

Website: www.GayTherapistOnline.com
E-mail: deshannon46@gmail.com
Home phone: 507-674-3307
LinkedIn: David Shannon, LICSW
I live near Mankato, and will increasingly be spending time in Minneapolis.

Upcoming Events


Community Observation of National Transgender Day Of Remembrance

November 21, 2011
Great River Regional Library, Mississippi Room
St. Cloud, MN  .pdf flyer

Join community members in honoring and remembering the lives of the

community. Activities include local transgender identified speaker, Pete Klicker; a remembrance ceremony; and social time to
supportive members TRANSmetamorphosis of the community.

Sponsored by TRANSmetamorphosis &
Elemental Mental Health Services 

Introducing the Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People Version 7

presented by: Eli Coleman, PhD   
November 9, 2011
12 - 1pm
Program for Human Sexuality
1300 South 2nd Street, Room 142
Minneapolis, MN 55454

On September 25, 2011, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) released a newly-revised edition of the Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People (SOC). The SOC is considered the standard document of reference on caring for the transsexual, transgender, and gender nonconforming population. The SOC focuses on primary care, gynecologic and urologic care, reproductive options, voice and communication therapy, mental health services and hormonal and surgical treatment. Eli Coleman, PhD, served as the chair of the international SOC revision committee, and in his presentation he will outline     what is new and different in this version. Revisions include the recognition that gender nonconformity in and of itself is not a disorder and that many people live comfortable lives without having to seek therapy or medical interventions for gender confusion or unhappiness. The new SOC also provides more detailed clinical guidelines to address the health care needs of children, adolescents, and adults with gender dysphoria who need assistance with psychological, hormonal, or surgical care. In addition to clearly articulating the collaborative relationship needed between transsexual, transgender, and gender nonconforming individuals and health care providers, the new standards provide for new ways of thinking about cultural relativity and culture competence.

Program in Human Sexuality invites you to explore the latest in sexual health research. PHS faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and research collaborators will present their work at our monthly Faculty Research Presentations.

Save the dates for these PHS presentations: 
December 14, 2011
Jamie Feldman, MD, PhD 
Who We Are: Men Who Have Sex With Transwomen and Transmen

January 11, 2012
Aimee Tubbs, PsyD
A Qualitative Investigation of Mental Health Practitioners' Assessment of Intersibling Abuse



According to research from Boise State University in Idaho, which evaluated 484 college students with a range of sexual orientations: 

  • 60% of college-age women say that they still have felt some level of attraction toward other women
  • 19% of college-age men in the same group said they had kissed another man, 21% fantasize about men, and 15% report at least some sexual attraction to men 

In another study of 1,277 college students who only identified as heterosexual (!) reported that: 

  • 26% of those women and 12% of men report same-sex attraction.
  • 37% of women and 15% of men said they've had a sexual experience with someone of the same gender 

Read full (oddly titled) article: 

More Than Half of Women Attracted to Other Women 

Support & Therapy Groups

** Please see our full listing of support and therapy groups at the website **


Coming Out Group for Women

Psycho-educational support group for women who are "coming out" as bisexual or lesbian or as a woman attracted to women
The group will meet for 14 consecutive weeks and for 75 minutes/session.
Starts in November 2011. Day & time to be determined.
Each group member will be given a group outline, bibliography, and resource list.
Call for more information and to schedule a personal Intake Session.  Group is $40 per each group session. Sliding fee scale available. Free phone consult.
Group developed & facilitated by:
Irene Greene, M.S.Ed. Psychotherapist
30 years experience
100 West Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN  55404
For more information: 612.874.6442.   irenegreene@earthlink.net


Coming Out Group for "Older" Women

Psycho-educational support group for women who are "coming out" later in life as bisexual or lesbian or as a woman attracted to women

The group will meet for 14 consecutive weeks and for 75 minutes/session.

Starts in November 2011. Day & time to be determined.

Each group member will be given a group outline, bibliography, and resource list.

Call for more information and to schedule a personal Intake Session. Group is $40 per each group session. Sliding fee scale available. Free phone consult.

Group developed & facilitated by:

Irene Greene, M.S.Ed. Psychotherapist

30 years experience

100 West Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404

For more information: 612.874.6442. irenegreene@earthlink.net 


Married Men's Group

Date: Wednesday October 26, 2011
Time: 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Repeats: This event repeats every month on the last Wednesday.
Next reminder: The next reminder for this event will be sent in 5 days, 4 minutes.
Location: Confidential - call 612-348-9100for prescreening and location
Phone: 612-348-9100
Notes: For over 10 years the HIM Program of the Red Door Clinic has offered this group for men married to women and attracted to men. This program is an opportunity for married men to meet and discuss their issues in a non-judgmental, supportive atmosphere. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance. The goals of the program include alleviating isolation and fear, building peer support and sexual health information.

The location is confidential and a prescreening phone call is required prior to attending someone's first meeting. www.himprogram.org   


PRISM Behavioral Health has 5 groups running at the current time: 

  1. Gay Men's Therapy Group (Shannon/active)
    .pdf flyer  
  2. Gay Men's Sexual Compulsivity Group (Weston/active)
    .pdf flyer  
  3. Women's Trauma Group (Laurel/pending a late Sept start)
    .pdf flyer  
  4. LGBT Parenting Group (Karen/pending an early Oct start)
    .pdf flyer  
  5. Communication Skills group ( Laurel /ongoing).
    .pdf flyer  

Personal Focus


Substance Abuse in LGBTQ Youth  

The taboo regarding substance abuse and addiction are lessening thanks to the media and shows like Addicted, Intervention, and even Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab; bringing the reality of this disease mainstream, started people talking and have opened society's eyes to the many faces of addiction


While many gains are being made in understanding the disease of Addiction, much still needs to be done to mainstream the understanding of how substance abuse impacts various cultures in different ways. Through my work, I often hear stories of teens who are questioning their sexuality who, unable to reach out to LGBTQ adults or mentors, reach for substances instead as they are not sure how to navigate their first sexual encounters and are unsure of how revealing their orientation will be received. Not only can this hinder these experiences, the heightened risk for physical and sexual abuse that accompanies chemical use cannot be ignored.


A study by Dr. Michael P. Marshal of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center revealed that LGBT teens are 190 percent more likely to use drugs and alcohol than are heterosexual teens, and that the usage rate is even higher among certain subgroups. For example, Marshal's study, which was published in the April 2008 edition of the journal Addiction, documented that the prevalence of drug or alcohol use among bisexual youth is 340 percent greater than the rate among straight teens. Among lesbian youth, the number rises to 400 percent. (McBride, 2011).


For more of the article, please refer to:



For a look at how issues of bullying and peer relationships also impact LGBTQ youth, please refer to:



Resources for Substance Abuse - LGBTQ Specific:


  1. Element currently has several openings with their mental health staff. We have 4 individuals working in this area, two are able to take insurance, our LMFT and LP, while has his MFT and is working toward licensure and the fourth person in an intern under the supervision of the LMFT. The MFT and intern can not take insurance but offer services on a self pay, sliding scale fee for those without insurance.

    Element's chemical dependency currently is running our LGBT specific primary outpatient group and our outpatient group for the general public. Both groups currently have openings and are taking referrals. We are Rule 31 licensed and a Minnesota provider. We also take most insurances and are able to work with the ones we are not currently contracted with to get funding.

    For more information or referrals, please contact us at the information below, or visit our website at www.elementmentalhealth.vpweb.com.  All our brochures are located under our brochure page on the website.
    We look forward to working with you.

    Element Mental Health Services
    1204 7th Street South, Ste. 105
    Saint Cloud, MN 56301
    Fax: 320-259-0791
  2. AA Intergroup - Minneapolis
    Access to all Alcoholics Anonymous groups including GLBT specific groups
    (952) 922-0880   
  3. AA Intergroup - Saint Paul
    Access to all Alcoholics Anonymous groups including GLBT specific groups
    (651) 227-5502   
  4. Affirmation: United Methodists for GLBT Concerns - Minneapolis
    Support for GLBT persons & issues
    (612) 871-3585   
  5. Avenues for Homeless Youth - Minneapolis
    Provides safe and nurturing emergency shelter, short term housing and support services for homeless youth. Also coordinates the GLBT Host Home Program - has a CD element for youth: (612) 522-1690   
  6. Pride Institute: http://pride-institute.com/   14400 Martin Dr, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 (800)-547-7433

   - Tamarah L Gehlen

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