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The Minnesota LGBT Therapists eNewsletter is a free networking tool for members of the LGBT Therapists network. All network members are welcome to contribute to this grassroots bi-weekly eNewsletter. Just send your referral question, announcement, member accomplishment, space available information, event, conference, workshop, group information, or other pertinent notice to enews@LGBTtherapists.org. The LGBT Therapists eNewsletter is sent out every second Tuesday of the month.  All responses to questions, ads, workshops, etc. should be emailed directly back to the contact person in the notice. If you want your name added or deleted from the eNewsletter email list, use the links below.  Please note that if you do decide to delete your email, you will no longer receive general LGBT Therapists network communications, such as event announcements. If you want to become a member of this organization please visit the LGBT Therapists website.

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Welcome to the MN LGBTQA Therapists eNewsletter of "The Network." The Network is a MN based grass-roots group of queer & allied mental health therapists, students in mental health related fields, and community mental-health related agencies. Our group shares information and resources that impact our varied work in the mental health fields and that is unique to the particular needs of the LGBTQ communities we live in and serve. We welcome submissions to this eNewsletter that are pertinent to mental health and LGBTQ issues !

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Happenings of "THE NETWORK"!

I.  Stop by the MN.LGBT Therapist Network Booth at PRIDE 2009 this weekend!
Thank you to everyone who signed up to staff the Pride booth! We will have a great time. Stop by and visit!

LGBTQ Mental Health Issues MIDWEST Conference at UM:
March 26, 2010!

Do you want to present a workshop or facilitate a panel at the Conference or know someone in the country or world who would? Workshop Proposal Applications are NOW available for download at our website:
Proposal due date is October 15, 2009

Conference Date: Friday, March 26, 2010
Title: "Beyond the Boxes: Emerging Trends in LGBTQ Mental Health"
Location: Coffman Memorial Union, Third Floor, UM-Minneapolis Campus
Three Tracks: clinical, research, community

MN.LGBT Therapists' Network is in collaboration with the GLBTA Programs Office at the University of Minnesota to co-spnsor an all-day midwest conference on LGBTQ mental health issues. Planning has begun and your participation will help guarantee a successful conference.

This one-day conference, which will be held at the UM in Spring 2010, will be open to mental health professionals and students in the mental health fields.


Groups Offered:
(1) Transgender Therapeutic Support Group:
Announcing a new therapeutic support group for adults identifying as or questioning identities on the transgender spectrum.

Tuesdays 6:30-8:00pm
            Sexual Health Institute
                 1409 Willow St. Ste. 400       
                 Minneapolis, MN 55403
Facilitator:         Xavier Schmitz, MSW, LICSW
Fee:             $30 per group
(Free screening interview and 5 session commitment required.)

To Register:     Contact Xavier Schmitz, MSW, LICSW
             612 872-1500
(2) Sexual Abuse Therapy Group for Women:
Therapy group for survivors of childhood and/or young adult sexual abuse or trauma. This group for high-functioning women offers: opportunities for sharing abuse stories; explores the impact of abuse on self-esteem, relationships, & sexuality; explores strategies to deal with intrusive memories, feelings of anger, shame and self-hate; and explores family of origin issues, current life needs and issues, and self-care.
Group meets Tuesdays, 415-545
Co-leaders: Mindy Benowitz & Irene Greene
100 West Franklin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN  55404
For more information: 612.870.0398
Most insurance accepted.

Related to Therapists:
(Therapists Wanted, Research Subjects & Practicum Sites Needed:)
 (FYI: Requests for therapists may be answered by ANY Network members. These come to us via email from our website or are forwarded to us. Any Network member who wants to respond to a request is welcome to do so.)

(1) Therapists Wanted:
I need recommendations for therapists outside of the Twin Cities: one for a young woman at Winona State who was recently assaulted; the other for a woman struggling with depression in Rochester. If you have any ideas, please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks, Linda Rodgers
 lindalrodgers@comcast.net <mailto:lindalrodgers@comcast.net >
(2) Are you a therapist who identifies herself as lesbian?
Research Participants Needed for Study!
Are you a therapist who identifies herself as lesbian?  You are invited to participate in a study on the decision making process of lesbian therapists disclosure of sexual orientation.  My name is Michelle Mongeon, and I am a doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology at Argosy University.  I am conducting this study to fulfill the requirements for completion of my degree.  Engaging in this study involves one interview that will take approximately one or two hours. 

The results of this study will hopefully assist therapists to better understand the decision making process of self-disclosure in regard to sexual orientation.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions about this study.  You may contact me, Michelle Mongeon, at (218) 230-3431, or by email at mmongeon@msp.stu.argosy.edu .  You may contact my chair, Hideko Sera, at (651) 846-3569, or by email at hisera@argosy.edu .

(3) Research on Gay/Bisexual Dads:
My name is Samantha L. Tornello and I am currently working on a research project to study families headed by gay/bisexual fathers.
For more information:  contact Samantha L. Tornello at GayDadsStudy@gmail.com or at (434) 243-8558.
 University of Virginia
Graduate Student

(4) Wanted: Practicum Site:
I am Anthony Juliano, a graduate student in the MA program for Clinical Psychology at Argosy University. I'm am currently looking for a practicum site that is GLBT sensitive and provides psychological services to GLBT individuals. The practicum would be for therapy and would last 9 months (700 hours). This would ideally begin in December 2009. My university provides me with insurance and on-campus supervision, in addition to the on-site supervision. My interests for my practicum experience include identity formation (coming out) and issues of sexual orientation and gender identity. If you are aware of a practicum site along these guidelines, please contact me via email [ajuliano@msp.stu.argosy.edu].

Thank you.
Anthony Juliano

Conferences & Workshops:

(1) Social and Emotional Health for All Young People: Expanding Approaches

Summer Institute in Adolescent Health
University of Minnesota
July 27-July 29
8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

(2) Working with the Gay Sex-offender
One day intensive July 28, 8:30am-3:30pm
(pre-register by July 13)
co-sponsored with Alpha Human Services
www. alphaservices.org
This workshop will explore treatment issues unique to the gay sex offender client. This workshop will examine cultural values within the gay culture, identify how these values shape identity, contribute to acting out behaviors, and shape healthy sexual behaviors. Speci‑c topics such public sex, stages of identity, sexual partners, and HIV prevention will be addressed. Topics relevant to ongoing sexual health will be addressed. Participants will be encouraged to bring questions, experiences and additional resources.
· Identify treatment issues and corresponding plans that are unique to the gay client.
· Identify three barriers and corresponding plans to sexual health for the gay client.
· Identify three resources that can be helpful in working with gay clients.
· Probation Officers, County Dispositional Advisors and other County Staff
· Treatment Providers
· Referral Agents
· DOC Staff and other Parole staff.
· Judges, Attorneys and Court Staff
Held at Pride Institute's Outpatient Center, 2110 Lyndate Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55405
To register please contact Lindsey Tinucci at (952) 934-7554 ext 124 or by email at lindsey.tinucci@pride-institute.com
COST FOR COURSE: $125 (for registration after 7/13)
Includes 6 CEU Credits
(Board approval applied for LADC*, LMFT,
LP, RN* and LICSW)
Lunch, snacks and beverages provided
*Designed to meet cultural diversity requirement.
SAVE $25- register by 7/13/09.

This conference will be big!!!

"The Network" & UM's GLBTA Program's Office Official Conference Announcement &
Call for Workshop Proposals!!!

Please Distribute & Post and Cut and Paste...Send to your colleagues (queer and straight)...from near and far. We have already received proposal inquiries from three other states!

"Beyond the Boxes: Emerging Trends in LGBTQ Mental Health: A Regional Conference on Mental Health Topics as They Relate to the LGBTQ Communities"

Friday, March 26, 2010
Presented by:
The Minnesota LGBT Therapists' Network &
The GLBTA Programs Office of the University of Minnesota
Held at the University of MN - Coffman Memorial Union

The proposal deadline is October 15, 2009. Proposals available online. See info below.

General Information:
This cutting edge conference will offer over 40 workshops that will
explore changing paradigms in research and clinical practice as they
relate to our understandings of diverse sexual and gender identities, as well as to issues of race, class, ability and sexual practices. This one day conference is committed to challenging stereotypes and bias, providing current mental health information, expanding perspectives, and engaging participants in the areas of clinical work, research and community involvement. This conference will be of particular interest to mental health professionals, health care practitioners, researchers in the health sciences, educators, and students in these fields and is open to any and all interested lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, genderqueer and allied individuals. CEUs in these fields will be available.

Keynote Speaker:
Katherine "Kit" Rachlin, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist in New York
and a certified sex therapist. She is an experienced clinician as well
as an energetic advocate for transgender people, their families and
partners. Kit has served on the board of directors of organizations such as FTM-International and The Harry Benjamin Association/World Professional Association for Transgender Health. A member of the American Psychological Association's Taskforce on Gender Identity, she is the author of many published papers and book chapters on transgender health and well being.

Download a Workshop Proposal (PDF) at either website:
MN LGBT Therapist Network at www.lgbttherapists.org
University of MN GLBTA Programs Office at www.glbta.umn.edu

Or contact Bonnie Burg, Conference Program Committee Chair & she will send you one:  651.647.4412

For General Conference Information:
Email: mnlgbtqconference2010@gmail.com
(1) Conference Co-Chair - MN.LGBT Therapist Network:
Irene Greene, 612.874.6442 irenegreene@earthlink.net
(2) Conference Co-Chair - University of Minnesota GLBTA Programs Office:  Anne Phibbs, Director, 612.625.8519 phib0001@umn.edu

Upcoming Events:
(events for us or our clients)

Pillsbury House's National HIV Testing Day, Jun 26  
Friday, June 26, 2009
Rally starts @ 12 p.m. Testing available from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Pillsbury House - 3501 Chicago Ave South, Minneapolis

"2nd Annual Fruit Bowl"

Friday, June 26 at 6:30pm.
"Pre-Twin Cities Pride's Alcohol Tobacco free event!"
Host: Rainbow Health Initiative
Start Time: Friday, June 26 at 6:30pm
End Time: Saturday, June 27 at 12:00am
Where: Elsie's Bowling Ally

MN Counseling Association Annual Retreat
The Minnesota Counseling Association (MnCA) Annual Retreat will be on 07/25/09 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in Woodbury.  It has been an exciting year for counselors! If you are interested in coming, please
send me an e-mail to RSVP to Bles1003@gmail.com .
Blanca Svedberg, M.Ed., LPC
MnCA - President Elect
--<mncounseling@gmail.com >
This message sent by the Minnesota Counseling Association.
Join MNCA at http://mncounseling.org .

Friday night rec for Queer Youth
From: miriam.itzkowitz@spps.org
Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2009

An Evening Out (Friday night rec) will be open every Friday until July 24th except for July 3rd when we'll be closed for the holiday.  It's at:
Hancock Recreation Center from 7pm-11pm
1610 Hubbard Ave. (Hubbard and Snelling)
St. Paul, MN 55104

Miriam Itzkowitz, MSW, LICSW
Social Worker
Out for Equity

Rainbow Families Camps:

Registration Open!
Alexandria, MN - July 10-13 & July 16-19

This year marks the 10th annual Rainbow Families Camps, which feature all your family's favorites: family meals, campfires, crafts, swimming, games and the annual family talent show. Registration is now open, so click here to get started. Questions? Contact Abby Riskin at abby.riskin@familyequality.org or at 651-644-4848.

Special Member Announcements:

Congratulations Weston!

From: Weston M Edwards
<weston@westonmedwards.com >
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009

I'm pleased to announce that my first book is now available.
Living a Life I Love: Healing sexual compulsivity, sexual addiction, sexual avoidance and other sexual concerns.
By Weston M. Edwards Ph.D.
Preface by Eli Coleman Ph.D.
Living a Life I Love:™ Healing sexual compulsivity, sexual addiction, sexual avoidance and other sexual concerns is designed to help you create a life you love in the area of sexuality. The workbook will help you understand your "acting out cycle" by identifying your high-risk situations, feeling triggers and thinking errors. The workbook has three stages:
1. Problem identification: During this stage, you examine your sexual behaviors, sexual history and acting out cycle.
2. Primary treatment addresses factors linked with unhealthy sexual behaviors.
3. Creating your future: The third stage will help you reach out for support and encouragement. You'll complete a personal definition of sexual health to help you live a life you love.
www.LivingALifeILoveBooks.com <http://www.LivingALifeILoveBooks.com >

LGBT News Bits:

News about District 202:
From: Curt Prins
Sent: Thu 6/11/2009
Subject: Important Changes Happening at District 202

For more than 17 years, District 202 has pioneered providing safe space for GLBT youth and offering programming that builds self-esteem and self expression. Over those years, our youth empowerment model has positively affected many lives, and created many leaders who are District 202 alumni within our community.

Since then, the broader community has changed; safe space now exists in many places, and GLBT youth are more actively engaged. They are visible in their school's Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs), they bring their same-sex dates to high-school proms, they have found community on the Internet, and many of them are expressing their sexual identities in their pre-teens.

The leadership of District 202 has noticed that youth utilization of the center has slid over the years. This is in part due to the growing acceptance of queer youth into the larger society, the forming of new GLBT youth organizations like Host Home Program and RECLAIM, and other positive changes within our community. While need for supportive services definitely still exists, we realized that the agency required significant changes to best use the funds that you've entrusted to us and to better serve GLBT youth and the greater community.

These significant changes will not happen overnight. Caterpillars do not instantly sprout wings to become butterflies - nor can we. As part of our transition plan, the board of directors has unanimously agreed to take the following actions:

1.    We will leave our home of more than a decade on or before June 30. We've historically seen our center visits drop significantly during the summer months. National average costs for youth centers are roughly $9-12 per visit. On busy days, our costs were twice that average. On slower days, our per-visit costs could be ten-times that average. Leaving this building will free up significant funds for necessary programming.
2.    We will cease day-to-day operations on or before June 30. It's impossible to successfully transition if our staff, volunteers and board members are distracted by fulfilling the requirements of operating the center. Therefore, we will enter a cocooning phase on July 1, during which time our staff and board will focus on surveying youth, creating programming to meet current needs, and many other key tasks. We expect this phase to last 90 to 120 days-during which our website will still allow youth to locate resources, network with each other, and engage with us on a very limited basis. And we are actively working to find new positions for our youth staff that will be displaced during this time.
3.    We will seek new leadership for the organization. The demands of the next 120 days will be intense, but we are blessed with a dedicated and talented staff. The board of directors decided that the leadership required to transform District 202 could not be met with our recent executive director, who left earlier this week. The new leadership structure and requirements will be determined during the cocooning phase.

Significant organizational changes are never easy or clean cut. The board of directors, staff and many of our active youth are confident that these steps will help foster District 202's transformation. With this transformation, we wish to reemerge as a youth inspired, tech savvy, streamlined and more powerful organization which keeps creating new ways for youth to bring their unique voice and leadership to our ever-changing world.

We appreciate your ongoing support of our organization during the last 17 years. We will continue update you on our progress in the weeks to come.

Should you have any requests, questions, or comments, please feel free to contact me at the email address below.

Thank you,

Curt Prins
Acting Board Chair

Office Space For Rent:

(1) Space Available in Minneapolis:
Loring Park Office Space
Office space available Tues, Thur, Fri and weekends in beautiful, 1920's art deco building on the east side of Loring Park. Two large offices with high ceilings, Room and Board furniture, waiting room and kitchenette. $150/mo/office per day used. Please contact Suzanne Harman, LICSW at 612.760.6978 if interested or for further information.

 (2) Office Space Available:
Minneapolis Uptown Lovely office available in a conveniently located house in the Uptown area of Minneapolis. Available Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and most evenings. Building shared with 5 other therapists and two body workers. Fax, copier, filtered water included. Call Karen Heegaard at 612.810.7349 for more information.

"The Network":
Steering Committee Update:

JOIN THE STEERING COMMITTEE or the 2010 Conference sub-committee.

All members are welcome to join the steering committee or Conference Planning sub-committees or come to meetings!  We need help and ideas!

Next Steering Committee Meeting/Conference Planning Meeting:  (NOTE MEETING PLACE/TIME CHANGE)
DATE: Friday, July 10, 2009
TIME: 1130-1pm (lunch provided by GLBT Programs Office)
PLACE: The University of Minnesota, Coffman Memorial Union, Third Floor, Minneapolis 
Steering Committee Agenda: (First part: Conference Planning Committee Mtg: see the space for the Conference. The last 1/2 hour: The Network Steering Committee Business mtg):
1130-1pm: UM/Network Conference Committee Planning Meeting
100-1:30: The Network Business Meeting: Review PRIDE Booth; Plan Fall Program

Contact Irene @ irenegreene@earthlink.net or 612.874.6442 if you would like information about any of these above activities and/or to help.
The Network Steering Committee:  Dennis Christian, Mindy Benowitz, Phil Oxman, Owen Konecnik, Bonnie Berg, & Irene Greene.

Check out our website:www.LGBTtherapists.org  
Find your information and check out other therapists' information.

2010 Conference Notes:

(1) Help us publicize the conference through your website.

If you have a website, would you be willing to post information about our 2010 Conference and put a link to the Network for more information? We will supply you with the content. PLEASE contact Dennis Christian, Conference Publicity Chair at <support@dennischristian.com >  Starting mid-June, we WOULD LIKE TO PUBLICIZE THE REQUEST FOR WORKSHOP PROPOSALS .

(2) Serve on A Committee:
Network Members may participate in the Conference Planning in the following ways:

1. General Conference Planning Committee, Co-Chairs: Irene Greene (irenegreene@earthlink.net ) & Anne Phibbs, UM GLBTA Programs Office)
2. Program Committee, Chair, Bonnie Burg (bburglcsw@aol.com ) (The next formal meeting of the Program Committee is Friday, 9/10, 10:30-11:30am at 100 West Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis)
3. Community Liaison Committee, Chair, Owen Konecnik (owen@counselorminneapolis.com )
4. Publicity Committee, Chair Dennis Christian (support@dennischristian.com )

Sign Up.  Be Involved.  Spread the Word. Think about doing a workshop proposal.


"We never get bored with memories like we do with material items." -Ryan Howell, PhD., author of a San Francisco State University Study which found that '...people who spent their money on experiences were more satisfied and happier in the long run, no matter how much they spent....most experiences with friends and family help a person feel more connected and engaged - all keys to long-term happiness.'

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