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~ Our Fourth of Five Support Gatherings During COVID-19 ~

Free to our LGBTQ+ members.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

630p - 8p

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We've been enduring a pandemic, an increase in anti-transgender legislation, more police murdering more Black men and women, the five year anniversary of the mass shooting at Pulse in Orlando, and "The" trial; all in the midst of an international uprising for racial justice.

These significant issues impact our clients, and ourselves. As LGBTQ+ helping professionals, we are holding space for our clients' ups and downs, while also juggling our own. 

Too often, we just keep plowing forward. Let's pause. Take a breath. Let's connect and hold space with each other. 

Our discussion prompts:

  • How have you been juggling the issues related to COVID-19, racism and anti-racism, oppression fatigue, and the political trauma stress?
  • How are you doing? No, really: How are you doing?
  • What have you professionally and personally lost and gained during these past several months?
  • How has COVID-19 changed your practice or your agency's services?
  • When are you going to see clients in person? Will you now use a hybrid model (part in-person, part telehealth)?
  • If you have been seeing clients in person, how is it going?
  • What, if any, policies or protocols do you have in place?
  • What have you learned or experienced this past year that is having a positive impact on you?

Together, let's inspire the nourishment and joy that comes with being in Community.

Facilitated by Irene Greene, Chair of The Network

Please pre-register in advance for this meeting

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email from Zoom containing information about joining the meeting.

~ Let's have a casual conversation to check-in, share health and wellness tips, and conjure up some laughs. ~


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