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Members are invited to submit notices & announcements!
Do you run a Group? Or know of an upcoming workshop or event
for our clients or us? Know something that other QLGBTA mental
health professionals may also want to know? Please submit it for
the next eNewsletter! See end of eNewsletter for details.

Steering Committee Update:

Spring workshop.
Our Table at PRIDE 2009?
MNLGBT Therapist Conference 2010?

Next Steering Committee Meeting:
All members are welcome to attend!  We need help and ideas!

Friday, March 13, 2009 - 12:15-1:30

Steering Committee Agenda:
(1) Finalize the plans for our our spring workshop:
Our next topic: "Staying Alive: Marketing & Networking with Each Other"
This workshop will include advice from a panel of advertising & marketing people in our communities & will provide extra oppotunitites for networking and advertising our members' psychotherapy businesses.
(2) Discuss hosting a MN.LGBT Therapy Conference in 2010 (coordinated by
the LGBT Therapist Network with other metro LGBTQA agencies)

(3) Staffing a LGBT Therapist Network table at Pride 2009

Contact Irene @ irenegreene@earthlink.net or 612.874.6442 if you would like information about any of these activities and/or to help.

We welcome more help on the Steering Committee:
Dennis Christian, Mindy Benowitz & Irene Greene,
Meeting Location: 100 West Franklin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN  55404
(office of Mindy Benowitz, 612.870.0398)

Check out our website:www.LGBTtherapists.org  
Find your information and check out other therapists' information.

A 5 Minute Membership Survey:

The LGBT Therapist Network Steering Committee would like your feedback on two potential activities:
Having a table at TC PRIDE 2009 and co-hosting a MN LGBT Therapy Conference in 2010.

Please cut and paste these questions and email your answers to irenegreene@earthlink.net before 3/13/09:
     (1) MN LGBT THERAPIST table at TC PRIDE 2009: (to publicize our organization and website of members' information):
             a) Do you support the idea of The MN LGBT Therapist Network having a table at Pride?  YES or NO
             b) Would you volunteer to staff the table (i.e., a two hour shift or help with
                 set up or take down)?  YES or NO  (if yes, include your name)
             c) It costs about $300 for us to have a table. Would you be willing to donate $20 towards
                  the table, knowing that your practice or organization would be publicized?   YES or NO

      (2) LGBT Mental Health Issues conference in 2010:
The MN LGBT Therapist Network Steering Committee has been discussing the idea of hosting a MN LGBT Mental Health Issues conference in 2010. It turns out the UM GLBTA Programs Office has had the same idea.
They would like to collaborate with us. We are in the early stages of discussing the idea.
             a) Do you support the idea of the MN LGBT Therapist Network co-hosting such a conference?
                     YES or NO
             b) Would you volunteer to help with some aspect of the Conference?
                     YES or NO (if yes, include your name)

Please cut and paste these questions and email your answers to irenegreene@earthlink.net before 3/13/09.
Your comments and questions are welcome!

Groups Available:

(1) MindBody Skills Group
Led by Linda C. Nelson, MA, LP
Grove Psychotherapy, Inc., 219 SE Main St, #400
Tuesdays from 6-8 pm beginning mid-March
Intake required
Cost:  $375 for the series

This 10 week MindBody Skills group is not a therapy group but a skills group that focuses on self-care, utilizing principles of "mind-body medicine."  This philosophy honors the connections between our physical health, our emotional well-being and our spirituality.  In a MBS skills group, simple healing techniques drawn from research studies are utilized to help people increase personal awareness, reduce their stress level and feel more relaxed, confident, clear and hopeful.  These techniques include meditation, breath work, imagery and others offered in an intimate and supportive environment.  It is based on the protocol taught by the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, DC.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of a flyer with more detailed information, you may contact me at my office at lcnelson2@msn.com or 612.379.2640 x15.

(2) Exploring Identity: an Affirming Experience for Gay Men:

How we feel about ourselves is oftentimes a reflection of messages received
during the course of our lifetime.  For gay men, negative or oppressive messages
about sexuality can harm self-concept and lead to problems in relationships with
family, friends, partners, and co-workers.  This group encourages members to
explore personal beliefs about sexuality and learn new ways to create success and happiness in their lives.

The group meets on Monday evenings from 5:15 to 6:45 pm at River City Clinic,
1360 Energy Park Drive, Suite 340, St. Paul, MN.
Insurance and private pay options available. 
For more information, please contact
Doug Jensen, MSW, LICSW, BCD at 651-312-4565.
Thanks for your support and coordination of our newsletter!
Doug Jensen

8-week therapy group for female-to-male trans people to assist with issues
related to transitioning
Led by Psychologist Velma Wagner, specialist in transgender issues
Why a group?
Many people make deeper progress faster in group therapy than in individual
psychotherapy.  Groups provide a safe place to learn and practice new and
healthy skills with the opportunity to receive immediate, honest feedback. 
Group participation may assist with meeting the Benjamin Standards of Care.
Who is eligible for this group?
The group is for individuals who self-identify as transgender or as male and are
in any stage of transition, whether taking hormones or not.  Minimum age is 20.
An intake appointment is needed before starting group unless you are currently
in therapy and Velma can consult with your therapist.  Insurance can be used to
cover cost, or individuals pay a very reasonable fee.
Maintain other individuals' confidentiality, commit to attend all 8 sessions and
participate by interacting honestly with other group members.
Meeting time:          5:30 to 7 pm on a weeknight that works for all members
Group Dates:           Begins in February 2009 and runs for 8 weeks
Cost:                         Co-payment or $25 per session for those without insurance
Location:                  4100 Harriet Avenue South, Minneapolis
Velma Wagner, M.A., is a Licensed Psychologist in private practice with over 20
years of experience providing therapy to adults, adolescents, couples, families
and groups.  She has worked with transgender people and provided education to
professionals about trans-related issues for 15 years.

For more information & a flyer, contact Velma at 612-877-1436

(4)  Women Grieving Women:
Support group for death by any cause of same sex partner in the past two years.
Wednesdays, March 4 - April 8
6:30 - 8 pm
Midway location
$90.00 series or sliding fee.

Register with Judy Young, MEd
Grief Counselor
Manager of Spiritual Care, Bereavement & Integrative
Therapy Services
Allina Home Care, Hospice and Palliative Care
1055 Westgate Drive, Suite 100
St. Paul MN 55114

(5) Supervision & Consultation Group:

Mindfulness-based: Buddhist Psychology & Integrative Therapy
Merra Young LICSW,LMFT            
Rivers' Way Meditation Center         


(6) Women's' Meditation & Psychotherapy Group:
1st & 3rd Thursdays             7:30-9:15pm          6 sessions              
(new group starts in March)
Sliding fee and insurance may reimburse
FFI & intake /referral: Merra Young 612.253.5133
Rivers' Way Meditation Center          www.riverswaymeditation.net
Merra Young LICSW,LMFT
Jean Haley MSW,LISW


(7) Embodiment Process Group for Therapists:
I have a NEW Embodiment Process Group for Therapists starting soon.
The group will likely be held on Mondays from 10:30 am until noon.
Other times may be available as well.
The group's focus is on embodying Hakomi principles (mindfulness, non-violence,
organicity, mind-body holism), and other mind-body-spirit approaches, in order
to increase awareness and more fully care for ourselves as therapists.

Hakomi and other mind-body methods are applied, deepening and bringing more
clarity to therapeutic work.
We discuss particular methods to use with clients, although
the primary focus is on the "beingness" of the therapist.
*Hakomi experience is not necessary to be considered for the group.*
It is an ongoing group, meeting monthly, with five therapists maximum.
Location: 4500 Park Glen Rd., Suite 150, St Louis Park, MN 55416.

The cost for the group is $60 per month.
A commitment is required to create safety and cohesiveness within the group.
Further details will be given to those interested.
Please join us for a invigorating and nourishing group!
You can reach me at 952.922.1848.
Susan Broadwell, MA, PsyD

(8) Two Chronic Pain Groups:
                 (a) Mindfulness for Chronic Pain Management Treatment Group:
An eight week treatment group, starting Mondays March 30-May 18, 2009,
6:45-8:15 at 2301 Como Ave. St. Paul, MN 55108.
This tx group is applied and interactive, focusing on self-regulation, management, and self-care of chronic pain and the stressful emotions that accompany living with pain. Working with mindfulness based skills and interventions from energy psychology will give the foundation for this integrative treatment approach.
If you have a client you think may be ready for self-care, please refer as soon as possible, as I am presently taking intakes. The group will consist of six to eight patients.
                 (b) Chronic Pain Support Group:
I have openings in this open ended, on-going group that has met for seven years. It meets twice a month, 3:30-5:00 on Wednesdays at 3608 44th Ave. S., Mpls., MN 55406.
Katheleen Avila
(612) 872-9231
kavila@integrativemindfulness.com <mailto:kavila@integrativemindfulness.com >
www.integrativemindfulness.com <http://www.integrativemindfulness.com/ >

Upcoming Classes & Workshops:

Reiki Training will add a new tool to your repertoire: it can be used either alone or to support & supplement other therapeutic modalities. Use Reiki  "hands-on" or "hands-near", or send it through time [future or past] and space [across the room or city or ocean!] Learn to give Reiki to yourself, clients, patients, students, family & friends. Both receiver & practitioner experience peace and well-being.   Touching the client is not necessary.
Level 1: (Prerequisite: Level 1)  1 day   $165
March 7  (Saturday)    9 am to 6 pm
Level 2: (Prerequisite: Level 1)   1 day   $165
March 14  (Saturday)    9 am to 6 pm
Levels 1 & 2 for Healing and Helping Professionals:  2 days  $265
Any combination of  Levels 1 & 2 dates
Advanced (ART): (Prerequisite: Levels 1 & 2)   1 day    $185
March 28   (Saturday)         9 am to 6 pm
Small Classes are held at Crescenterra Health Center, 245 N Prior, St Paul MN 55104
Non-refundable deposit:  $50   CEU's: $5

Request Registration Form:
    Barbara M. Simmonds, M.A., Reiki Master- Teacher
        Phone:     612 827-2877
        E-Mail:     barbarasimmonds@bmsreiki.com
FFI:    Web:    www.bmsreiki.com   describes Reiki in much more detail!

(2) Trauma and the Body: The Theory and Practice of Sensorimotor

Friday, March 13, 6-9 pm and Saturday, March 14, 9:30-4:30pm

Carondolet Center, St. Paul

This workshop is an introduction to Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Sensorimotor
Psychotherapy integrates cognitive and somatic interventions in the treatment
of trauma. This workshop will cover working with clients to develop body
awareness, actions to complete defensive responses, and somatic resources.
Key components of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy will be illustrated using excerpts
of sessions with traumatized individuals, and brief experiential exercises.

A letter of completion will be given for CEU credits.

For more information, or to register and pay, go to
<http://www.sensorimotorpsychotherapy.org/ >  
and click on "Upcoming Workshops."

Or call 1-800-860-9258.

Local contact is: Martha Osterberg, mosterberg50@comcast.net or 612-822-3417.

(3) The Spirituality Institute: Exploring Mindfulness:

Awakening Our Inner Wisdom Workshops:
College of St. Catherine/University of St. Thomas School of Social Work
These workshops explore core foundations and applications of mindfulness
practices includes: experiential, didactic and applications to your life and work
with clients.
1. March 20th Wisdom of the Body
2. April 24th, Surfing the Waves of the Dark Emotions
1:00-4:00pm          University of St. Thomas Campus
FFI: karon@skate.edu Kathy Caron 651-690-6722
Submitted by MWP member Merra Young.

(4) Announcing an Intermediate Poetry Therapy Course:
Join us for a stimulating 3-day learning experience to deepen, expand and
practice the art and skills of poetry/Bibliotherapy.
OPEN: to individuals who have completed an introductory course in poetry
therapy or its equivalent.
COURSE OVERVIEW: Building upon skills learned in the introductory course,
you will practice and receive feedback on your poetry therapy facilitating in a
supportive learning environment, while deepening your awareness of the
therapeutic possibilities of not only poems, but also stories, films, and

TIME: Wednesday, June 3rd - Friday, June 5th
Course meets daily from  9:30AM to 4:30PM with an hour lunch break
PLACE: Home of Geri Chavis, 6509 Ryan Ave, Edina MN 55435

INSTRUCTOR: Geri Chavis, Ph.D., Certified Poetry Therapist,
Licensed Psychologist, Poetry Therapy Mentor/Supervisor, and
Professor at the College of St. Catherine
Maximum # of students: 12
COURSE FEE: $370.(includes tuition, course materials and coffee break snack.
(An additional $20 fee will be charged for CEU certificates)
A deposit of $100 is required by May 5 to hold your place in the course.
Please mail deposits to the above address.
The remainder of the fee will be due at the first class.
FFI: Geri Chavis (ggchavis@stkate.edu <mailto:ggchavis@stkate.edu > )
or 651 690-6524 for information and registration

Upcoming Events: 

The Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition invites you to join us for our next FREE community forum in our Trans Health Matters series:

"GID and the Medicalization of Gender Identity"
facilitated by Alex Iantaffi and Grady Shapiro

Everyone Welcome! Transgender, genderqueer, intersex, transsexual, M to F,
F to M, crossdresser, gender non-conforming, partner, family, friend and
allies -- including health professionals, providers, students.

Thursday, March 12, 2009
6:30 pm Social time with refreshments provided
7:00-9:00 pm Forum
Location: Spirit of the Lakes UCC, 2930 13th Ave S (at Lake Street), Minneapolis, MN 55407

On May 1, 2008, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) announced the composition of work committees to review scientific advances and research-based information and develop the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V), which is scheduled to be published in 2012. The APA is seeking input from transgender community; anonymous feedback will be forwarded to them from this forum. What do you think? Should Gender Identity Disorder be abolished from the DSM? Should it stay in? MTHC invites you to join with other community members in this discussion. Listen to an overview of the DSM and current events around DSM-V and weigh in on the pros and cons of including GID in the DSM.

Spirit of the Lakes UCC is wheelchair-accessible with free parking lot. So that people with multiple chemical sensitivities can participate, please refrain from wearing perfume or other scented products.

This event made possible in part through a grant from PFund.

For more information, please contact us:

(2) Mental Health Rally at the State Capitol
Set for March 10, 2009:

Advocates and friends from throughout Minnesota will gather for a mental health
rally in the State Capitol Rotunda on March 10 at Noon.
Speakers will address important legislative issues, including funding and policy concerns that will affect the mental health community.

A legislative briefing session will be held prior to the rally, at 10:00 a.m., at Christ Lutheran Church, 105 University Ave. W. (across the street to the north of the Capitol). Rally-goers will meet with their legislators after the rally.  The Mental Health Rally and Day at the Capitol are sponsored by the Mental Health Legislative Network, an organization composed of more than 20 statewide organizations working together to improve the quality and availability of mental health services in Minnesota.  For more information, contact NAMI Minnesota, 651-645-2948 or 1-888-NAMI-HELPS, or go to www.namihelps.org .

* * * * *

NAMI Minnesota's mission is to champion justice, dignity, and respect for all
Minnesotans affected by mental illness (brain disorders). Through education,
advocacy and support, NAMI members strive to eliminate the pervasive stigma of
mental illness, effect positive changes in the mental health system, and increase
public and professional understanding of mental illness.  NAMI Minnesota is a state
affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, a non-profit organization that
serves as the Nation's Voice on Mental Illness through its grassroots effort to
transform America's mental health system.
(3) The 4th Annual Q-Quest Youth Fest!

A Conference Exploring and Celebrating the Voices of Queer Youth & Allies
Sponsored by Minnesota School OUTreach Coalition
www.mnschooloutreach.org <http://www.mnschooloutreach.org/ >
DATE:  Saturday, March 28, 2009
TIME: 9:00 am - 7:30 pm
LOCATION: Webster Community School 425 Fifth Street NE Minneapolis, MN 55413 
Please visit this link to register: http://sss.mpls.k12.mn.us/Registration.html   «   
Explore Identity: Explore personal identity and voice within the context of a
diverse queer community. «   
Plan for the Future: Consider options for education, career, and family. «   
Make Connections: Think, create, and celebrate with youth from diverse
Who should come? Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning,
intersexed youth and straight allies ages 18 and under. (Youth aged 19-21 are also
invited to join the event and share their experiences, but the conference focuses on
high school students.) We warmly welcome GSA advisors or other school staff and
parent volunteers to attend as chaperones.
Cost: The entire event is free, including workshops, lunch, dinner, and
Conference sponsor:   The Minnesota School OUTreach Coalition,
a coalition of Minnesota students, educators, families, community members
and organizations working within the broad context of schools to address the
issues of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning people.
Registration:   Every participant (including school staff, volunteers and
presenters) must fill out a registration form online.
Transportation: Some transportation is available. Please contact
Jessi Tebben at jessi.tebben@mpls.k12.mn.us for more information
regarding transportation.  Students can also come in individual vehicles and
park in the Webster parking lot (ample free parking).
What should I bring? Bring a positive attitude and the willingness to
network with other youth!  Please do not bring any valuables, weapons,
drugs, or alcohol.
Interested in Volunteering?
Contact Leigh Combs at lcombs@everyfamilymatters.org or 612.728.2079

Consultation & Referrals Wanted:

(1) From: <sklndr@gmail.com >
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2009
To: LGBT Therapists
Name: Kris
Comment: Looking for anger management therapist locally in Burnsville, Apple Valley area that takes BluePlus Insurance. Please email me back if you know someone who could help.

(2) I am looking for names of LGBT friendly psychiatrists and medical professionals (i.e., nurse practitioners, MDs) who are accepting and open to persons who have a diagnosis of DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).
Contact: Irene Greene, 612.874.6442 or irenegreene@earthlink.net


(1) Life-in-Motion Coaching practice
Hello! My name is Barbara Simmonds!
I'd like to introduce you to my Life-in-Motion Coaching practice. I help people to be in balance while gracefully moving towards-and achieving-their dreams, goals and life purpose. I bring to my coaching 5 years as a Personal-Life Coach, and 25 years' work with people recovering from Trauma.
I'd like to tell you about my gift to you-a sample session. Please call or e-mail me soon so we can set up your appt.  I'll be very curious to learn more about you and your work, too so I can make referrals to you, too!
I hope to hear from you soon!
Barbara M. Simmonds, M.A., Life~in~Motion Coach ~ Reiki Master-Teacher ~ Post-Trauma Healing Practitioner
        Phone:     612 827-2877
        E-Mail:     barbarasimmonds@bmsreiki.com


In 1948 the United Nations passed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but for many the promise of universal, equal rights has not been fulfilled. On December 18, 2008, the UN General Assembly made an historic declaration: "Those who are lesbian, gay or bisexual, those who are transgender, transsexual or intersex, are full and equal members of the human family and are entitled to be treated as such," said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay. The declaration marks the first time that the General Assembly has formally addressed rights violations, violence, harassment, and stigmatization based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Supporting nations asked all states and nations to "promote and protect human rights of all persons, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity" and to stop persecution and execution of GLBT individuals. The statement read to the General Assembly also encouraged the UN Human Rights Council to continue to incorporate GLBT inclusive language into future mandates. This is a big step toward the recognition of sexual rights as fundamental human rights. Sixty-six of the one hundred and twenty-nine member nations signed the declaration. Unfortunately, the US was not among them, citing concerns that the declaration might commit the federal government to regulations under state jurisdiction. France and the Netherlands co-sponsored the declaration. Supporting nations included all 27 European Union members, Japan, Australia, and Mexico. Opposition came from the Vatican and Muslim nations...

This is a step toward improving the international dialogue around gay rights, but progress must continue as homosexuality remains a crime in more than 70 UN nations and in 10 regions it is punishable by death. In the US several states lack explicit protections for GLBT individuals, leaving them legally open to discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. http://www.fm.umn.edu/fm/phs/newsletter/winter09UN.html


Research published in the January issue of Pediatrics finds that GLB teens rejected by their family are more likely to report depression, suicide attempts, unprotected sex, and illegal drug use than GLB teens that experienced little to no rejection. Health care providers must play a key role to begin the conversation around sexuality and sexual identity to educate families and provide resources for support.

Researchers at San Francisco State University gave surveys to 244 white and Latino self-identified lesbian, gay, and bisexual young adults between the ages of 21 and 25 who were living in the San Francisco area... "[T]here's a connection between how families treat gay and lesbian children and their mental and physical health," lead author Caitlin Ryan, PhD, told US News and World Report. Study authors recommend that physicians take an active role in helping families to provide support for their GLB youth by investigating family dynamics, cautioning against rejecting behavior, and providing resources.     http://www.fm.umn.edu/fm/phs/newsletter/winter09teens.html

About this eNewsletter:
The MN LGBT Therapist eNewsletter is a free networking tool for members of the
LGBT Therapist Network. All Network members are welcome to contribute to this
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group information, or other pertinent notice to irenegreene@earthlink.net .

The MN LGBT Therapist eNewsletter is sent out every second Tuesday of the month. 
All responses to questions, ads, workshops, etc. should be emailed directly back to
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Network email list, please contact us.  Please note that
if you do decide to delete your email, you will no longer receive general Network
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Thank you! Irene Greene, MN LGBT Therapist eNewsletter Coordinator 

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