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Volume III, Issue 3

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                              REGISTER NOW.                                          WE WILL SELL OUT!
This has become a nationally known conference. We have registrants coming in from all over the country. 50 workshops with over 80+ presenters. 4 workshop slots plus Thursday night kick-off!

Beyond The Boxes Logo "Beyond the Boxes: Emerging Trends in LGBTQ Mental Health: A Regional Conference on Mental Health Topics as They Relate to the LGBTQ Communities"

 Conference Date: Friday, March 26, 2010 
                                    Opening Night Reception: Thursday, March 25 (presented by The MN
at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus in Coffman Union

Conference Hosted by:
The Minnesota LGBT Therapists Network &
The GLBTA Programs Office of the University of Minnesota &
The Queer Student Cultural Center at the University of Minnesota

Thursday evening, March 25, 630-10pm: (Hosted by The LGBT Therapists Network)
The Thursday evening Opening Reception will include Loretta Worthington, Director of Rainbow Health Initiative, who will address LGBTQ disparities in mental and physical health, and consultant and trainer Beth Zemsky, a co-founder of The Network, who will discuss LGBTQ mental health trends over the past 25 years. We will round out the evening with a few laughs from lesbian therapist and consultant Donna DiMenna who does stand-up comedy. Refreshments provided with music by singer-songwriter Chastity Brown.
Conference Information for Friday, March 26:
- The conference and Resource Fair occur all day on Friday
- 50 workshops in 4 time slots and showcasing 80+ presenters

This cutting edge one day conference will offer 50 workshops that will explore changing paradigms in research and clinical practice as they relate to our understandings of diverse sexual and gender identities, as well as to issues of privilege, race, class, ability and sexual practices. This conference is committed to challenging stereotypes and bias, providing current mental health information, expanding perspectives, and engaging participants in the areas of clinical work, research and community involvement.    CEUs available.

Conference Registration & Fees:
Registration is online at
We anticipate that the conference will reach capacity, so please do register soon.

Conference Only    $125.00
Conference & Reception    $150.00
Conference Presenters: Conference    $100.00
Conference Presenters: Conference & Reception    $125.00
Seniors/Students: Conference    $40.00
Seniors/Students: Conference & Reception    $50.00
Members, MN LGBT Therapists' Network: Conference    $120.00*      MEMBER DISCOUNT
Members, Therapists' Network: Conference & Reception    $145.00*   MEMBER DISCOUNT
Thursday evening Reception Only    $35.00
Thursday evening Reception Only (Seniors/Students)    $15.00

Schedule for the day:
7:30 am - 11:00 am                                   Registration
8:00 am                                                     Resource Fair Opens
8:30 am - 9:45 am                                     Workshop I
10:00 am -11:15 am                                  Workshop II
11:15 pm -1:30 pm                                    Mid-day Break: lunch served 12-1pm; (The lunch and key
                                                                            note address will be held at the Radisson University Hotel.)
1:30 pm - 2:45 pm                                        Workshop III
3:00 - 4:15 pm                                               Workshop IV
4:45 pm - 5:15 pm                                        Closing Celebration
5:30                                                                   Resource Fair Ends

This Conference is for:
This conference will be of particular interest to mental health professionals, health care practitioners, researchers in the health sciences, educators, and students in these fields and is open to any and all interested lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, genderqueer and allied individuals. CEUs will be available.

Kit Rachlin, Ph.D. Keynote Speaker:
Katherine Rachlin, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and gender specialist in private practice in New York City.  In addition to her work as a therapist, she also conducts trainings on transgender issue, provides supervision for psychotherapists, and provides expert testimony for transgender civil rights cases.  Her research and papers include: Flexible Use of the Standards of Care;  Access to Health Care; Transgender Individuals' Experiences of Psychotherapy; and Factors which influence FTM surgical decisions. She is a past board member of FTM International, was a member of the American Psychological Association Taskforce on Gender Identity, Gender Variance, and
Intersex Conditions, and is a current board member of The World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

For more information:

University of MN GLBTA Programs Office at www.glbta.umn.edu/beyondtheboxes
MN LGBT Therapist Network at www.lgbttherapists.org

A sample list of workshops will be posted on the UM website within two weeks.

For General Conference Information:
(1) Conference Co-Chair - MN.LGBT Therapist Network:
Irene Greene, 612.874.6442 irenegreene@earthlink.net
(2) Conference Co-Chair - University of Minnesota GLBTA Programs Office: 
Anne Phibbs, Director, 612.625.8519 phib0001@umn.edu

Want to buy an ad in the Conference Program Guide, buy table space at the Resource Fair or be a conference partner or volunteer?
We expect 300+ conference attendees and a lot of big-time conference sponsors. This promises to be a very good investment for your practice or company!

Your practice, business or company is invited to partner with The Network & The UM GLBTA Programs Office to help with the success of the March 2010 LGBTQA Mental Health Issues Conference.

We are looking for help with conference planning, volunteers, committee work, businesses to purchase ads for our conference program, businesses to buy table space at our Resource Fair and program ads, and companies to be major sponsors of the event.

Ads & Table Space:   Purchase a Program ad in the conference program guide or buy table space at the Resource Fair: contact Owen Konecnik at
2010conf.marketing@gmail.com . (Table space has become limited.)
Partner or Sponsor:   If you or your business wants to be a partner or sponsor of this conference please contact Cheryl Maloney at
CAMaloney@aol.com. (Current Sponsors: BCBS, UCare, The Emily Program, PRIDE Institute, Rainbow Health Initiative, The UM Women's Center....to name a few.)
To Volunteer:   Contact: Irene Greene (The Network) at irenegreene@earthlink.net or Anne Phibbs, (UM GLBTA Program's Office) at phib0001@umn.edu if you are interested.

 Join us!

Groups Offered:
Group notices list for two consecutive issues.  (Do you have a group you want to advertise here? Free. Contact us. Review past archived eNewsletters on our website for more groups.)
Women's Psychotherapy Groups
The Center of Women's Group Therapy offers psychodynamic women's psychotherapy groups, one in Minneapolis and one in Minnetonka. Candace Margulies, LICSW and Ilise Katz,LPCC, co-therapists.  For more information please call 612 802 1405. Professional referrals welcome.

Sexual Abuse Therapy Group for Women

Ongoing, Tuesdays, 415-545
Most insurances accepted
FFI and to receive a flyer contact:
Mindy Benowitz, PhD., L.P. 612.870-0398
Irene Greene, MSEd., Psychotherapist   612.874-6442
100 West Franklin Avenue Minneapolis, MN  55404
DBT for Adolescent Girls (ages 11-18)
Jill D. Boike, MSW, LICSW and Stephanie Rossing, MA, LMFT
Ongoing DBT group, Tuesdays in Blaine, MN, from 4:00-6:00 PM. Most insurances accepted (BC/BS, HealthPartners, Medica, UBH, MA, call for others).
Location: 12760 Aberdeen St, Ste 204, Blaine, MN 55449
Contact: Jill Boike  at 763-370-7810      JBoike-therapy@comcast.net  

Related to Therapy & Therapists:

Looking for a Therapist:
27 year-old gay male looking for a therapist familiar with GLBT issues. He has Health Partners insurance coverage and lives in Western WI  and would prefer someone who works somewhere between St. Paul and Western, WI
Please contact:  bellbivdevoe12@gmail.com

Therapy Resource Info Wanted:
I am compiling a list of therapists and medical professionals who work with clients who are trans/gender queer and wanting to get 'the letter' for hormones, etc. in relation to transitioning. Please contact me with your info or info of folks who you know.
Thanks, Irene   irenegreene@earthlink.net    612.874.6442

Looking for a Consultation Group:

1) Looking for peer consultation group to join. Please email Simmie Parlow at parlowpsych@comcast . net or call 651.482.8467.

2) I would like to join a monthly or bi-monthly consultation group with other therapists in the LGBT Therapist Network.  I have been in private practice for about 3 years. My practice consists of individuals and couples, over 70% of whom identify as LGBTQ.  I am a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist working in the Uptown area of Minneapolis. If you have room in your group please contact me.
I would also be open to hosting a new group in my office. Contact me at connie@hftherapy.com , 612-275-1657  Thank you, Connie Studer, MA, LMFT

Kinky is NOT a Diagnosis
February 2, 2010
National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) is proud to announce that 3,241 people have signed the DSM Revision Petition from June 2008 to December 2009. The petition is now closed and has been sent to the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and the members of the Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Work Group for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM V). Thanks goes out to everyone who participated in this historic effort!
The diagnoses in the DSM-TR-IV subject people who practice BDSM, fetishes and cross-dressing to bias, discrimination and social sanctions without any scientific basis. NCSF often sees individuals who suffer distress and impairment in their social and occupational lives (ie. interpersonal difficulties) because their desires conflict with current societal standards. These standards stem in a large part from the DSM. itself: pathologizing unusual sexual interests has led to more discrimination and discouraged individuals from seeking treatment for physical and mental health problems. This codification of "cultural aversion" was the same reason that ego-dystonic homosexuality was included in the DSM, and then removed when it was finally recognized as such by the APA.
Some of the comments made on the petition include:
#604: "BDSM is no more an illness or dysfunction than boxing, skydiving or participating in any extreme sport."
#1680: "I am all for removing these biases from legitimate psychiatry. It has ruined a friend of mine as for 8 years he has felt ashamed, depressed and self destructive because some "therapist" diagnosed him as sexually deviant and egodystonic and told him to repress his urges."
#1902: "Psychiatry should serve human wellness, not police human diversity."
#2224: "Historically, diagnoses of insanity have been used to marginalize those with unusual sexual preferences. This has to stop."
#2566: "I just had an acquaintance lose custody of her child to her now-vengeful ex due to "kink" and a bad judge. It's time to take more bias out of the DSM."
"The politicization of sexuality is common in this country," says Leigha Fleming, Board Chair of NCSF. "There is no basis in scientific fact for the categorization of BDSM and affiliated behaviors as inherently pathological or unhealthy. Social conservatives shouldn't be allowed to carry their agenda into the DSM. It wasn't appropriate when homosexuality was classified as a disorder by the APA and it's not correct now for the DSM to classify consensual adult sexual expression like BDSM, cross dressing, etc. as disorder. The DSM was never meant to be a political weapon used to marginalize sexual minorities. The overwhelming response by our constituents necessitates our involvement in this critical issue."
To see the hundreds of comments that petitioners made on the petition, www.thepetitionsite.com/1/DSMrevisionpetition
To find out more about the DSM and the Paraphilias section, read the NCSF & ITCR: The Foundation for NCSF's "White Paper on the DSM Revision" at www. ncsfreedom. org
For more information, email: susanw@ncsfreedom.org
National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF):
The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is committed to creating a political, legal, and social environment in the United States that advances the equal rights of consenting adults who practice forms of alternative sexual and relationship expression. NCSF advances the rights and advocates for consenting adults in the SM-Leather-Fetish, swing, and polyamory communities. We pursue our vision through direct services, education, advocacy, and outreach in conjunction with our partner organizations to directly benefit these communities.

Recording Academy and the GRAMMY Awards for honor violently homophobic Dancehall DJ - objections:
The Board of Directors and Members of BiNet USA are proud to stand with the National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC), Gay Men of African Descent (GMAD), Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and many other LGBT and Progressive organizations and people in expressing our profound disappointment with the Recording Academy and the GRAMMY Awards for honoring violently homophobic Dancehall DJ Buju Banton.

Ms. Faith Cheltenham BiNet USA's Vice-president and Liaison to the African-American/Native American Community(s) stated, "While BiNet USA will always continue to fight against even the smallest limitation of anyone's First Amendment Rights, in this case we're not asking that his freedom of speech be abridged. We simply object to praising someone for calling for murder, violence and discrimination to be practiced against LGBT People."

Please follow this link to read the full story


Our Bodies Ourselves is seeking up to two dozen women to participate in an online discussion on sexual relationships.

Stories and comments may be used anonymously in the next edition of "Our Bodies, Ourselves," which will be published in 2011 by Simon & Schuster.

We are seeking the experience and wisdom of heterosexual, lesbian, bisexual and queer women. Perspectives from single women are encouraged, and you may define relationship as it applies to you, from monogamy to multiple partners. We are committed to including women of color, women with disabilities, trans women and women of many ages and backgrounds.

Please follow this link for more info:

Seeking: adult, US born and/or raised Black women (18+) who identify as queer, lesbian, bisexual or as women romantically and/or sexually attracted to other women to participate. See further details below!

Contribute YOUR voices to the understanding and needs of OUR community.

Graduate student conducting a study examining the experiences of Black lesbian and bisexual women, seeking adult, US born and/or raised Black women (18+) who identify as queer, lesbian, bisexual or as women romantically and/or sexually attracted to other women to participate. Your participation would include two interviews. The first interview will include questions about your experience of your race and sexual orientation in communities of Color and in lesbian, gay, bisexual (LGB) communities. During the second interview you will be asked to provide feedback on your initial answers, general themes found in this study, and you will be asked to complete a brief survey. Interviews may be face-to-face or via phone (depending on your location and preference).

If you are interested in participating in this study, please contact queerwomenofcolorstudy@gmail.com or call (617) 245-0833 to schedule an interview time. Additionally, please visit http://sites.google.com/site/queerwomenofcolorstudygroup for further information.            Be HEARD.

What do you want to say to the young gay/bi men in Minnesota?
HIV infection rates among young gay/bi men ages 13-24 have nearly doubled in the last year and are the highest they've been since 1986.

Submit a video, audio, or other media with your HIV prevention and care services message for young gay/bi men by February 18th, and you could win $100 (gift card) and other prizes and see your work be featured in a statewide campaign!
The rules are simple: include at least one HIV message and be creative.
Format guidelines and messages are available at OnTheRiseMN.org.  You, or at least one member of your group, must be 15-26 and live in the Minnesota.
Finalists will be selected by a panel of HIV experts, and winners will be chosen by online voting.  All finalists will be honored at an awards reception.
Go to OnTheRiseMN.org for more information, including full details and submission instructions!
Sponsored by:
Hennepin County Ryan White Program &  Minnesota Department of Health

Upcoming Events:

Q-Quest Youth Fest 2010
Friday, March 12th
Webster Complex- 425 5th St NE- Minneapolis, MN
(Time TBA, but probably 12 PM - 9PM)

Want to help plan Q-Quest Youth Fest this year?  Fantastic! 
Join us on Thursday, January 21st from 4 to 5 PM at
Family and Children's Services located at 4123 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota School OUTreach Coalition
4123 East Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406
1-877-GLBTKID (452-8543)

OutFront Minnesota's justFair Lobby Day

Wednesday, April 21st - State Capitol
Legislative Appointments - all day; Rally for Fairness - 1pm
Minnesota has the largest lobby day in the country for GLBT equality because of your attendance and your help in recruiting your friends and family to speak out for equality.

Office Space Available:
Edina Office:
Calming, spacious office available in great Edina location. Conveniently located off of Hwy 100 and 50th street in the Edina Executive Office bldg. This warm, inviting space is one of four offices in a suite with a pleasant waiting area and additional storage area. Flexible (days per week) arrangement is possible. Please contact Gay Alward at (952) 925-3975 or Stephanie Carlson at (612) 877-1030.

Two Available Office Spaces:
Unique opportunity to rent space by the hour, day, or month. Part-time and full-time options. We currently have spaces available in our two adjacent professional office buildings. This is a great opportunity to work with a variety of other therapists, including psychologists, LMFT's, social workers, animal-assisted therapists, massage therapists and body workers.Offices currently available full or part time. Heat/utilities are paid. Convenient S. Mpls locations near Lyndale Avenue South & West 35th Street. Easy access to downtown, 35W, and 94.FFI: 612.250.6433.

Loring Park Office Space
Office space available Tues, Fri and weekends in beautiful, 1920's art deco building on the east side of Loring Park.  Large office with high ceilings, Room and Board furniture, waiting room and kitchenette.  $150/mo per day used.  Please contact Suzanne Harman, LICSW  at 612.760.6978 if interested or for further information.

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Conference Planning Committee Members:                       
MN LGBTQA Therapists Network Members on the Conference Committees:
Irene Greene, Conference Co-Chair
Owen Konecnik, Chair, Conference Program Materials
Dennis Christian, Chair, Thursday Opening Kick-off
Owen Konecnik, Chair, Resource Fair
Trisha Falvey, Chair of Volunteer Appreciation Post-Conference Party
Mindy Benowitz
Tom Glaser
Connie Studer
Kate Lehmann
Diane Johnson
Manzar Lari
Nicky Simon Burton
White Ash, web site

We welcome more members. contact: irenegreene@earthlink.net

Quote of the Day:
"Psychotherapy, while conventionally seeking to eradicate the debilitating sense of emptiness, can also serve as a forum for authenticating and encouraging a capacity to bear the unknowability of the self."
by Mark Epstein, Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart: A Buddhist Perspective on Wholeness-Lessons from Meditation and Psychotherapy

Welcome to the MN LGBTQA Therapists eNewsletter of "The Network." The Network is a MN based grass-roots group of queer & allied mental health therapists, students in mental health related fields, and community mental-health related agencies. Our group shares information and resources that impact our varied work in the mental health fields and that is unique to the particular needs of the LGBTQ communities we live in and serve. We welcome submissions to this eNewsletter that are pertinent to mental health and LGBTQ issues ! All Network members are welcome to contribute to this bi-weekly eNewsletter. Just send your referral question, announcement, member accomplishment, space available information, event, conference, workshop, group information, or other pertinent notice to irenegreene@earthlink.net .

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